Jan 30, 2015

Gas Blast Rips Through Mexico Maternity Hospital

Babies Trapped Under Rubble as Gas Blast Rips Through Mexico Maternity Hospital; 3 Dead

A gas explosion at a maternity hospital in Mexico city left at least two babies dead while several other infants are feared to be trapped under the rubble. The blast occurred at the Cuajimalpa Maternal Hospital on Thursday when a gas-supplying truck blew up outside, blowing off at least three-quarters of the building, as per reports.

At least 73 people were injured, including about 20 newborns.

At least nine injured babies were taken to hospitals, according to the Red Cross, while several were feared to be trapped."I remember the cries of the babies under the rubble and the screams of my colleagues," nurse Ivonne Ortega told AFP. "We started pulling babies from the debris who were alive," Ignacio, a volunteer, told CNN. "We pulled out, fortunately, I think we pulled out seven. We would've wanted to pull out more." At least 100 people were inside the hospital at the time of the blast, and while officials first claimed a higher death toll, the official figure was later put at three.

Mexico City health secretary Armando Ahued stated that a nurse and a baby died on the spot after the explosion while another baby succumbed from injuries in a hospital.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said soldiers have been deployed to look for survivors, as he expressed his "sadness and solidarity".