Apr 22, 2017

Orphanage Kids made to clean septic tank at orphanage in Hyderabad


May 29, 2016

Brazil Gangrape Case, President Calls Protestors For Crisis Talks

Brazil gangrape: Protestors take to streets, President calls for crisis talks

The assault came to light after several men joked about the attack online, posting graphic photos and videos of the unconscious, naked teen on Twitter. Police has said that they have identified and are searching for four of the more than 30 men suspected in the gangrape of a 16-year-old girl, a case that has rocked Latin America’s largest nation and highlighted its endemic problem of violence against women. The announcement came on Friday as acting President Michel Temer called an emergency meeting of the security ministers for each of Brazil’s states to consider gender-related crimes. “It’s absurd that in the 21st century we have to live with barbarous crimes like this,” Temer said in a statement.

He promised to create a federal police force unit tasked with tackling crimes against women. The assault came to light after several men joked about the attack online, posting graphic photos and videos of the unconscious, naked teen on Twitter. Police also asked for the public’s help to track down the four men and identify the others. Local eports said more than 800 people had called a hotline that was set up to share information. Authorities say the rape happened last Saturday while the girl was visiting her boyfriend in the Sao Joao shantytown on the west side of Rio de Janeiro. “I want them to await the justice of God. I feel like trash,” the 16-year-old said in brief comments to the O Globo newspaper. “It’s the stigma that hurts me the most. It is as if people are saying ‘it’s her fault. She was using scanty clothes.’ I want people to know that it is not the woman’s fault. You can’t blame a robbery victim, for being robbed.”

At a news conference on Friday, police said the girl reported being raped by 33 men and regaining consciousness the following day. Police said they had been unable to confirm exactly how many men may have taken part. Rio police chief Fernando Veloso said at a news conference that investigators will review forensic evidence and seek to interview the suspects. “If these images hadn’t been posted, maybe we wouldn’t be here right now,” said Veloso, adding that many rapes go unreported. The girl’s 19-year-old boyfriend was one of the men being sought, but police said they did not know whether he may have been one of the attackers. Police said the men were armed, though it wasn’t clear if the weapons were used to intimidate the victim during the attack. Guns are common in Rio’s drug- and violence-plagued slums, as are reprisal killings. When asked by reporters if the girl’s life might be in danger for reporting the incident, Veloso responded: “That would be a subjective answer. Who isn’t at risk in Rio de Janeiro?”


Mar 13, 2015

Good Health Tips

You will be good way of summarizing what I feel are some of the most important health messages.


Feb 6, 2015

Sunitha Krishnan 'Shame the rapist' campaign,

sunitha krishnan @sunita_krishnan 
 If goons think they can intimidate me this way...take a long walk boss,I will report come what may,I will track,I will shame and will report

NGO activist Sunitha Krishnan launches 'Shame the rapist' campaign, faces backlash

The car of NGO activist Sunitha Krishnan was damaged on Friday morning soon after she launched the 'Shame the rapist campaign'.

Sunitha Krishnan, who runs an NGO in Hyderabad, found two separate videos of 5 men gang raping a woman and smiling for the camera during the act, after they were shared on WhatsApp. She then posted the video of the incident on YouTube, Facebook and on Twitter after editing it so that the victim's identity was protected. The video of the gang rape is believed to be at least six months old. She said a friend alerted her to the videos after receiving them on WhatsApp.

"Ten seconds into the video, I was overcome. I had to stop as I needed to throw up," she said. After seeing the videos, she said she was determined to track down and get the rapists arrested.

This morning, soon after speaking to NDTV, her car was stoned.

Posting an appeal to all via Facebook, Sunitha wrote, "Some sick pathetic human beings are sending videos of rape on 'whatsapp'. If any of you are getting such videos please report...we will use the same tool to shame and punish the rapist."

"... I have taken the liberty of protecting the identity of the victim. They are prowling around and are a threat to any woman or child. Please help us trace them. We need to nationally shame them and then ..." she adds.


Feb 5, 2015

Barak Obama Family Photos

Barak Obama 44th President of the United States

Personal details
Born: Barack Hussein Obama II
August 4, 1961 (age 53)
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Political party: Democratic
Spouse: Michelle Robinson
Children: Malia
Residence White House
Education: Punahou School
Alma mater Occidental College
Columbia University
Harvard Law School
Religion: Christianity
Website: Official website


Haldiram's History

Haldiram's Has Over 100 Products

Private limited with share capital 
Industry Food industry
Founded 1937
Headquarters Nagpur, India
Area served:
India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and others
Products: Snacks, sweets, beverages, frozen foods
Revenue: 35 Billion INR

Haldiram's was founded in 1937 by Gangabisenji Agrawal, as a retail sweets and namkeen shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan. In expansion, the company's first manufacturing plant was located in Calcutta.[In 1970 a larger manufacturing plant was established in Nagpur. Another manufacturing plant was established in New Delhi, the capital of India, in the early 1990s, which also had a retail store. In 2003, the company began the process of developing convenience foods to be marketed to consumers. In 2008, the chairman of the company's Nagpur branch was Shivkishan Agarwal. In 2014, Haldiram was ranked 55th among India's most trusted brands according to the Brand Trust Report, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory.

Haldiram's has over 100 products Its products include frozen foods such as frozen meals, ice cream, and kulfi, namkeen, sweets, cookies, crackers, sherbet, papad, savories, chips and other snacks. Haldiram's also produces fruit-flavored beverages and dairy products. The company also produces ready-to-eat food since 2010. In the 1990s, the production potato-based foods was enabled by the importation of machinery from the United States designed for these purposes.

McDonald's no match for Haldiram here

Bhelpuri beats burgers just as comprehensively as farsan beats fries. Haldiram's revenues, at Rs 3,500 crore, is more than the combined revenue of Domino's (Rs 1,733 crore) and McDonald's (Rs 1,390 crore; adding toplines of the two separate operations in India). Or take that popular two-minute snack, Maggi, which netted a revenue of Rs 1,200 crore; Haldiram is almost three times bigger. These figures for 2013-14, the latest available in official records, when combined with the fact that Haldiram's commands 40% of the Rs 5,500-crore traditional snacks business, conclusively demonstrates one thing. Whether in fast food or munchies, and despite the profusion of MNC brands with high cool quotient in both categories, good old-fashioned Indian offerings from Haldiram's still dominate the market.

Equally interestingly , Haldiram's, present both through its ubiquitous casual dining eateries and its packaged snacks, is a success story with some unusual twists. First, the brand has survived disputes and break-ups in the original Agarwal family that started with a small shop in Bikaner in 1937. Haldiram is the biggest brand of those launched by Agarwals. Second, Haldiram's itself has succeeded as a national brand although the business is broken into three distinct geography-based entities. In 2013-14, Haldiram Manufacturing, which looks at North India, clocked Rs 2,100 crore in revenues. Haldiram Foods, catering to West and South India, had an nual sales of Rs 1,225 crore. And Haldiram Bhujiawala, which does business in East India, earned revenue of Rs 210 crore.

Third, owners remain old-fashioned in that they aren't looking at exiting. "Contrary to many consumer company founders who have taken an exit route in the last few years, we are more interested in building and preserving the business for the next generation," says 40-year-old Kamal Agarwal, fourth generation member of the founding family. Fourth, every savoury and sweet items sold by Haldiram's is made inhouse, in units closely monitored by family-dominated management."Developing and manufacturing products in-house in over ten dedicated units has also helped the company experiment with a host of new products," Agarwal says.


Feb 4, 2015

Amazon Amanda is Larger model - Profile, Video

Larger than life model Amanda Soule, who is 6ft 3ins, 20 stone and boasts enormous 44DD breasts, is a massive hit with blokes who like big women
Amazon Amanda With Client
Every job requires a certain amount of professionalism for it adds value to the service.
With an imposing 20 stone figure that could quite literally crush a man to death, Amazon Amanda  is no ordinary model. Boasting a 44DD bust, 63 inch hips and towering 6ft 3ins frame, the 38-year-old is a huge hit with with men who like being sat on, squashed, crushed, wrestled, or simply seen out in pubic with super-sized women. She once even refused a request by a terminally ill client to squash him to death. After growing too big to be a mainstream model, Las Vegas-based Amanda - real name Amanda Soule - discovered a subculture where she could put her huge natural assets to good use.

Just like the original Amazons - mythical female warriors - Amanda is an imposing figure. She has over 6,000 followers on her Twitter page, where she describes herself as, "Amazon by height, BBW by size and goddess by nature". Despite the suggestive nature of her work, Amanda insists nothing sexual ever takes place between her and her clients.


Feb 1, 2015

India's First Double Hand Transplant Successful

India's first double hand transplant successful, doctors say

With the first successful double hand transplant, Indian doctors have registered a rare feat of carrying out the world's first hand transplant of a coloured skin and the first hand transplant in any developing country. So far, only 110 successful hand transplants have been done, since the first one in France 13 years ago, in USA, European countries, China and Australia. The honour for the rare feat goes to a team of surgeons at the Kochi-based Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. The transplant was carried out on January 12 and 13 to a train accident victim – 30-year-old Manu, who received both the hands of a 24-year-old road accident victim.

"The operation lasted for 16 hours with more than 20 surgeons participating in the procedure. Each hand required connecting two bones, two arteries, four veins and about 14 tendons," said Dr. Subramania Iyer, Professor and Head of the Plastic Surgery Department. "The immune suppressant drugs were started before the start of the surgery and continued after it. He was shifted to a transplant ICU. Careful monitoring of the blood supply to the hands was done and all precautions to prevent infections was instituted in the nursing. Another operation to replace an area of bad skin was done for his left hand on the second day," he added.

Dr. Iyer further said, "After 14 days post-surgery, both the hands have been accepted by the recipient's body and he started regaining movements. He has been shifted out of the ICU and post-surgical rehabilitation process has started under supervision." "Manu will be able to move his hands since his own muscles of the forearm are working to move the fingers. The sensations will return only slowly and is expected in three to four months. His immunosuppressant drugs (to prevent rejection of the transplanted hands) will have to be continued indefinitely, but at a reduced rate from three months," he added.

Dr. Iyer said, the current transplant is important, since follow up of the transplanted skin is done by the appearance of the skin and skin biopsies every month to see signs of rejection. He said the details of the transplant have been added to the International Registry of Hand Transplants, which maintains stringent standards in the follow-up of these cases. The entire expense for the transplant was borne by Mata Amritanandamayiu Math. "This transplant has put the Indian scientific community among the league of a few developed nations in the field of composite tissue allotransplant," said Dr. Iyer.


Jan 31, 2015

Real Sex Guru Their Age

Sex-guide according to your age

Our sexual behaviour varies at different times in our lives. Sex guru Tracey Cox in her bestselling book, 'Sextasy' reveals the sexual urges and traits of lovers according to their age...20-something: Most guys just can't stop dreaming about sex every couple of hours. At this age, girls are usually rebellious in their sexual imaginations. They share same-sex fantasies or want to try out bi-sexuality. A 2006 study of nearly 2000 people discovered that 76 per cent of women who slept with women reached orgasm (for women with men, the figure stands at 50 per cent).

The 20s are the time when young boys and girls are most experimental in their sexual positions. One in 10 people claims Tracey Cox have had a threesome in their early twenties. Also, people in this age group have most likely visited a strip joint or a lapdancing club - with their friends or their better half.

30 something: The 30s are a time to experiment, almost all 30-somethings claim to have had sex outdoors. Unlike the teens when making out was the most common form of sexual experimentation, most 30 somethings prefer having sex somewhere semi-public like the beach, in the garden or on a park bench in the darkness. There's something wildly erotic about these sexapades! Also, high on the 30 something popularity chart are having sex in the shower or in the bath tub. Kinky pleasures also rate high as most 30 plus couples claim to be giving in to their fantasies of bondage, blindfolds and spanking on a weekend of debauchery.

This is also the time when women are most likely to befriend gay male pals. Straight women love gay men; gay men love straight women. Swedish research is confirming just why the two groups get along so famously - they both have symmetrical brains. Straight men and lesbians have asymmetrical brain hemispheres.

The 30s also mark the arrival of children in a married couple's life, so the sex drive naturally dwindles. But, Cox points out that during pregnancy, couples have sex four to five times a month. Most put the brakes on their sex lives for about seven weeks after delivery, but four months later are back to four or five times of sex a month. Cox says six months after delivery, the average couple goes back to having sex three to five times a month. But incase you don't fit the bill, remember getting disheartened ain't gonna help. Remember it's just a temporary period, so continue touching and cuddling and if your baby robs you of chances to have sex, indulge in quickies.

Most women says Cox in her book experience higher orgasm rates. Ninety per cent of women past 30 regularly experience orgasm, compared to just 23 per cent of younger women.

40 something: Men in their 40s are more likely to experience erection problems. Also, this is the age when maximum number of men tend to be unfaithful. Also, men are more compelled in their 40s to watch more porn or indulge in sex chats. Women on the other hand get sexually very demanding, often being attracted to younger men.

If you thought the 40s were about low libido, think again, while 40-somethings maybe having less sex than ever, the thrust has shifted from how many times in a week to an emphasis on better quality. You are more sure of your sexual needs in this age group and thus more likely to insist on passion play as opposed to a mere making out session.


Jan 30, 2015

Gas Blast Rips Through Mexico Maternity Hospital

Babies Trapped Under Rubble as Gas Blast Rips Through Mexico Maternity Hospital; 3 Dead

A gas explosion at a maternity hospital in Mexico city left at least two babies dead while several other infants are feared to be trapped under the rubble. The blast occurred at the Cuajimalpa Maternal Hospital on Thursday when a gas-supplying truck blew up outside, blowing off at least three-quarters of the building, as per reports.

At least 73 people were injured, including about 20 newborns.

At least nine injured babies were taken to hospitals, according to the Red Cross, while several were feared to be trapped."I remember the cries of the babies under the rubble and the screams of my colleagues," nurse Ivonne Ortega told AFP. "We started pulling babies from the debris who were alive," Ignacio, a volunteer, told CNN. "We pulled out, fortunately, I think we pulled out seven. We would've wanted to pull out more." At least 100 people were inside the hospital at the time of the blast, and while officials first claimed a higher death toll, the official figure was later put at three.

Mexico City health secretary Armando Ahued stated that a nurse and a baby died on the spot after the explosion while another baby succumbed from injuries in a hospital.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said soldiers have been deployed to look for survivors, as he expressed his "sadness and solidarity". 


Jayanthi Natarajan's Letter to Sonia Gandhi

Jayanti Natarajan Says She Was Remote Controlled By Rahul

Hon’ble Smt. Sonia Gandhi,

President, Indian National Congress

November 5, 2014

Madam, I write to you with a very heavy heart. Over the last 11 months, I have suffered the most excruciating mental agony, and have been continuously attacked, wrongly vilified and defamed in the media, and exposed to every possible humiliation in public life. As I write today, more than 30 years of my loyal, faithful, and dedicated service to our party stand destroyed and in shambles around me. My entire career is ruined, and above all, the sacred and venerable legacy of my family, which served our nation and party with immense distinction, and patriotism stands in danger of being tarnished. As you are aware, I am a fourth generation Congress worker.

Three generations before me, fought for the independence of our country from the British, and spent many long years in jail, along with other stalwarts of the freedom movement. After independence, my family served the country and the Congress party with great dedication, and my grandfather who was the last Congress Chief Minister of the State, my aunt who was a selfless social worker, have etched the name of my family in the annals of our history as patriots and nationalists.

I myself have served the Congress party from 1984, have been a four time MP, and a former Minister of State, without a single blemish on my reputation, in terms of integrity in public life, and my loyalty to my party and my country. Thirty years later, for no fault of mine, I find that my own small work, and the glorious legacy of my family stand ruined. I am still unable to understand what I have done wrong, or what crime I have committed to have been treated like this in the party I have faithfully served so long. I want to categorically state that I have always been a loyal, sincere dedicated party worker, implicitly obeying the orders of my leaders. I have always carried out any task assigned to me with sincerity and dedication, and have never been guilty of any wrongdoing of any kind, in my public and personal life.

In these circumstances, the disaster which happened to me on the December 20, 2013, was a thunderbolt, which hit me from the blue and destroyed my life. Until now, I have been unable to understand what was wrongdoing was committed by me to suddenly receive what was virtually a sentence of death.

I want to place on record, that from December 20, 2013, until now, I have still not been told by you, why I was asked to resign from the Council of Ministers, nor have I ever been asked or given an opportunity to explain, if indeed I had committed any wrongdoing. On the other hand, the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh wrote a letter to me, accepting my resignation, in which he praised the excellent work I had done as Minister, and what he termed my valuable contribution as Minister.

In these circumstances, it was clearly not the Prime Minister nor my work in Government, which led to my ouster as Minister. Thus it still baffles me, why I was humiliated so brutally.

To recall the sequence of events, I would like to record, that I was carrying out my duties as Minister of State (I/C) Environment and Forests in the routine course, when suddenly that day on December 20, 2013, the then PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh summoned me to his office. When I entered he stood up from his chair, looking tense and grim, and uttered these exact words. He said “Jayanthi, I have been told by Congress President, that your services are required for party work.” I was puzzled, and I said, “Yes Sir. So what should I do?” He replied, “She wants you to resign.” I was shocked and said, “Resign Sir? But when?” He replied “Today.” I once again asked him if this was what the Congress president wished. He answered in the affirmative. Unsuspecting, and trusting you totally, I did not utter a single word, but smiled at him and said I would comply with the wishes of the Congress President.

I was so guile free, that I honestly believed that you wanted me to work for the party, and that it was an honour to be so chosen. I did not for a second at that time, imagine the consequences of resigning just 100 days before the elections were due, and what would lie in store for me in the future. I trusted you with my life, and even more importantly, with my reputation, my career and the legacy of my family.

Thereafter, I asked for time to meet you. However, I was told that I could talk to you on the telephone. During our conversation I repeated what the Prime Minister told me, and you reiterated that I should resign and do Party work. Within half an hour of meeting the then Prime Minister, I sent in my letter of resignation, stating that I would like to resign from the office of Minister, due to my desire to devote myself to party work, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Singh immediately accepted my resignation, and in that letter profusely lauded my contribution to the government.

The next day my resignation was headlines in the media, and all the initial reports correctly reported that I had stepped down for party work. By the afternoon, to my shock, I received information that persons from the office of Shri Rahul Gandhi were calling the media and planting stories that my resignation was NOT for party work.

My sources were impeccable, and I felt unease. Thereafter, the media was flooded with negative stories about me. The same day, namely, the day after I resigned, Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed a FICCI meeting of industrialists, where he made uncomplimentary references to delays in environmental clearances, and the adverse effects upon the economy, and assured the corporate world, that the party and government would henceforth ensure that there would be no delays, and bottlenecks for industry. After being alerted by the media, I saw the entire speech on YouTube. It was then that some in the media questioned me if I had been asked to resign immediately, to enable Shri Rahul Gandhi to address FICCI and the corporate world with the news of my resignation in the background.

An assurance was sought to be given to the corporate world that they need no longer worry about environmental clearance delays and that bottlenecks would be removed, although throughout my very brief tenure, I strictly followed the laws and rules and tried to protect the environment, in keeping with the legacy of Smt. Indira Gandhi and Shri Rajiv Gandhi, who first brought in the Environment Protection Act. Since I had only followed this line of our party, I could not understand why I had been asked to resign within half an hour on the previous day, especially since I had never been told of any issues prior to December 20, 2013. Some analysts speculated that I might be projected as the focal point for the perceived failure of the economy at that time.

What followed was a hysterical vicious false and motivated campaign against me, in the media, orchestrated entirely by particular chosen individuals in the party. There was not a single word of truth in what was said, nor was there a single concrete fact.

I was never a bottleneck, nor was I ever responsible for unwarranted delays in major projects, and I can prove this at any time. I was shattered by the attack upon me, and bewildered. I wrote a passionate message to Shri Rahul Gandhi, about my removal as Minister, and his speech, at FICCI, and asked him what wrongdoing I had committed to warrant this treatment. I said, that I should have been asked for an explanation, IF I had done anything wrong, as even a murderer has his say in court, and here I don’t even know what, if any wrong doing was committed by me. I told him that my family legacy and my name would be forever ruined, and all I had done was my duty. I asked him to tell me, what wrong I had committed. I asked for time to meet him. He replied that he was “running a little busy” at that time, but that he would meet me a little later.

Despite several requests, that day never came. Not till this minute. I took a break of 10 days, and went to my sister’s home to recover.

When I returned, in the first week of January 2014, I was given an appointment to meet you. During our meeting, I explained my agony to you, over the attack which had been unleashed upon me and asked what I had done wrong. You replied that the elections were coming up and I was required for party work. I told you that the media was keen I should speak to them in view of the huge speculation over my resignation, but you specifically told me not to meet the media. From that day until now, I have honoured that word. But from that day until now, I have neither been given party work, nor have I been given an opportunity to meet you, despite several requests.

In fact, later in January, I was again shocked and distressed to receive a telephone call from Ajay Maken, Head of Congress Media cell. He informed me, that my name was being removed from the list of party spokespersons, that the decision was taken “at the highest level” and other work would be assigned to me. I have served as party spokesperson for over 10 long years during very difficult times. I have defended the party day and night, 24 hours a day despite huge domestic problems, including my mother suffering from a brain tumour, and ultimately dying after suffering for 3 long years, during which I not only served as her principal caregiver, but also constantly travelled to Delhi to serve as party spokesperson, without even being a MP.

My sacrifices, more importantly the sacrifices made by my family, my parents, and husband, were all for the cause of the Congress party. I was given an opportunity to serve as Minister for just over two years, but served the party day and night, for the last 30 odd years. Throughout, there has never been a blemish upon my reputation.

In fact apart from hundreds of others, Dr. Manmohan Singh and you have several times praised me for my work as spokesperson for the party. I only mentioned this to point out my track record was perfect, and in ten long years I have not made even one mistake as spokesperson. It was therefore clearly a deliberate decision to remove me from the list of spokespersons, and for reasons which are still unknown to me.

I also feel that I have been pressurised and used to lead issues which I considered wrong. An instance: While I was still a Minister, an important matter which has caused me great agitation is the fact that I was called upon to attack the present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on what is referred to in the media as ‘Snoopgate.’

Despite the fact that I initially refused, because I thought that the party should attack Shri Modi on policy and governance and not drag an unknown woman into a controversy, Shri Ajay Maken telephoned me on November 16, 2013, while I was on tour and asked me to come to Delhi immediately to address a press conference on the issue. I expressed my disinclination to do this, and refused the assignment, mentioning that I was a Minister at that time, and this should not be taken as the point of view of Government. I suggested perhaps an Official Spokesperson should do the Press Conference, if so desired. Shri Maken told me once again, that this was a decision taken at “the highest level” and that I had no choice in the matter. After the press conference throughout the controversy which followed I was told by Shri Maken to fiercely attack Shri Modi, on TV channels and during debates, although I was otherwise never fielded in the media after appointment as Minister.

During my tenure as Minister, it was the clear and specific policy of the party, to take all steps to protect the environment, and carry forward the legacy of Smt. Indira Gandhi and Shri Rajiv Gandhi, to preserve the environment, and keep a balance between environment and industry. As Chairperson NAC, you have written several letters to me regarding projects in the Environment Ministry, and protection of tribal rights, and I have always kept you briefed that due care was being taken by me to protect the environment. I received specific requests [which used to be directives for us] from Shri Rahul Gandhi and his office forwarding environmental concerns in some important areas and I took care to honour those “requests.” Shri Rahul Gandhi went in person to Niyamgiri Hills in Odisha, and publicly declared to the Dongria Kondh tribals that he would be their “sipahi” and would not allow their interests to suffer at the hands of mining giant Vedanta. His views in the matter were conveyed to me by his office, and I took great care to ensure that the interests of the tribals were protected and rejected environmental clearance to Vendanta despite tremendous pressure from my colleagues in cabinet, and huge criticism from industry for what was described as “stalling” a Rs. 30,000 crore investment from Vedanta.

Fortunately, my decision was upheld by the Supreme Court. The same happened in the case of the Adani projects, where I faced tremendous criticism from within the cabinet and outside, for stalling investment at a time when the country was going through a difficult time in terms of the economy. The complaints of the local fisherfolk and NGOs of environmental violations in the Adani case were forwarded to me by Shri Rahul Gandhi’s office, and I was told to liaise with Shri Dipak Babaria in the matter. Occasionally, I apprised Shri Rahul Gandhi of steps I had taken, and he responded positively. In fact you have yourself conveyed your concern in this regard in letters written to me. In several cases including the stalled GVK power project regarding the Dhari Devi temple in Himachal Pradesh, the Lavasa project in Maharashtra, the Nirma cement plant in Gujarat and in several other cases I was given specific input, to make my decision. Apart from this Shri Pulok Chatterji, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister was in constant touch with me, and officers of the Ministry in guiding the decisions to be taken by the Ministry at that time.

So in my decision making I have factored in the party line despite all criticisms against me and therefore several decisions of mine were expressly overruled by the Prime Minister.

My object in pointing out the above to you is to bring to your notice that, in several cases the party high command had very strong views regarding environmental violations. This was the reason that I repeatedly challenged my colleagues in cabinet, thus bringing down upon my own head the anger and wrath of the entire cabinet, and also the entire corporate world. Still, I soldiered on doing my duty. This is the reason why I am so stunned and shocked that in the end, I was removed as Minister just 100 days before elections although I had committed no wrong doing, and none was pointed out to me, in fact the then Prime Minister praised my work, while accepting my resignation. Thereafter, although I repeatedly sought clarification, as to what wrong doing I was guilty of to have been so brutally humiliated, and further humiliated by being removed as Spokesperson, no answer was given to me. Despite my repeated attempts to meet Shri Rahul Gandhi and you, no appointment was given to me. Dr. Manmohan Singh, and you, both assured me at the time of making me resign that my services were required for party work. No other explanation has been given to me till date.

After my removal as Minister, there was widespread news coverage in the Kerala media that my removal was because I had notified the order on protection of the Western Ghats, the Kasturirangan Committee report, on December 19, 2013, (just one day before my removal) which had been bitterly opposed some sections of society in Kerala, who felt that this order would adversely affect their economic interests, and had expressed their opposition to the Prime Minister and to you. Nevertheless, in the interest of protecting the environment, and pursuant to orders of court, I took that important decision.

My successor Shri Moily, put my orders on hold. A few days before I was removed as Minister, I needed to review the Adani file for some legal issues. When I sent for the file, I was told that it was “missing.” After considerable search, my officials “found” it, apparently in the washroom of the computer section, the very day on which I had been asking to resign. Clearly some officials in my then Ministry did not want to send that file back to me, for unknown reasons.

Surely you were aware that removing a Minister just one hundred days before Lok Sabha elections without any wrongdoing being even alleged against her, and on the contrary, the Prime Minister lauding my work in writing, would have devastating effects upon me, my career, everything I have worked for over 30 years, and above all the patriotic legacy of my family?

Yet this was done to me. I am a mere cog in the wheel, a helpless loyal Congress worker. Just as could be predicted, my reputation, my career and my life now lie in shreds around me. And I have committed no wrong.

Significantly, if indeed I had been guilty of wrongdoing, I would have been happy to have been given a chance to defend myself, and I would have emerged pure and transparent and victorious.

This opportunity was not given to me, I was simply told I was required for party work, but not used for it also making me feel that that was a euphemism to get me to resign.

Over the last 11 months I have undergone untold mental and physical agony, as a result of this incident. I have major health issues due to my tension and humiliation over the treatment meted out to me, and my future looks bleak. More importantly, I need to save the legacy of my family or children and my future generations will not forgive me.

You may wonder why I write to you now, which I have decided to do after 4 months of prayer and contemplation. I wish to record that I tried several times to meet Shri Rahul Gandhi and you, but was not given an appointment. During our last meeting, and only meeting after my resignation, you instructed me to avoid the media. Until today I have followed your instructions. Just two days ago, Shri Vasan left the Congress and formed his own party. It was only on the day before Shri Vasan left, that I received my first ever communication from AICC in the form of a telephone call from Shri Motilal Vora, who wanted to know what my stand was regarding Shri Vasan, and what my future course of action would be.

Until Shri Vasan left, nobody even spoke to me. This was the reason that people began to speculate that I had become a scapegoat for the economic problems of the UPA government. However, whatever is said now, the damage to my reputation has been complete and devastating. And future generations of my family will not forgive me if I do not set the record straight. I have therefore chosen this time to write to you. I am doing it after four months of prayers and contemplation and coming to the conclusion that I need to write to you the truth which you know as much as I do.

While there is considerable churning going on in the party now, my own problems however are far deeper, and are both in relation to the party in general, and how I have been treated.

Madam, most respectfully, I request you to kindly let me know at least now, what wrongdoing I am alleged to have committed to be subject to such repeated humiliation. If indeed I am alleged to have done anything wrong, I do not understand the reason why this was not placed before me, and why I was not given an opportunity to defend myself for 11 long months. I am sure you will understand how important it is for me to protect my reputation and that of my family. Without a single word being said I have been humiliated for 11 months. I would be grateful if you would be so gracious as to at least understand my anguish.

– Jayanthi Natarajan


Jan 2, 2015

Uber Cab Rape Victim Breaks Her Silence, I Pray For Justice

Uber cab rape victim breaks her silence: See something, say something. This should never have happened to me. This city has failed me.

Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav
That night, I did not see any patrols on that street. And Uber, the taxi-hailing service that I had trusted, had employed a driver with a criminal background, without a (Public Service Vehicle) badge. I later learnt that they had also neglected a complaint by another female passenger, Nidhi Shah, about driver Shiv Kumar Yadav’s conduct, and failed to take action. The irreversible loss that my family and I have suffered because of this is unimaginable.

On December 5, when I walked out with my friends after having dinner, I chose to travel by a reputed cab service hoping to reach home safely and because, after the December 16 gangrape two years ago, this is what was recommended to every Indian girl — take a safe option to reach home. I had used Uber so many times that I trusted them completely. Also, I did not want to trouble my friends and colleagues by asking them to drop me home.

Today, I find it difficult to sleep. Memories of that night keep coming back in flashes to haunt me. I try to sleep but can’t because of the constant fear. The incident has left a deep impact on my psyche, I feel scared to go out alone. But I was never like this before. I had attended a school where the environment was very liberal. They taught us how to be practical, inculcating values of freedom and courage at a very young age. At Delhi University, where I completed my graduation, I used to travel by public transport, but never faced any harassment.

I have always believed that if I see something wrong, something I feel strongly for, I will speak up, even if it means opposing my family or friends or relatives. That is why, after the incident that night, I called the police first, before even informing my parents. And that is also why in December 2012, after the gangrape happened, I took to the streets in protest and urged my family and friends to join.

I strongly feel about the issue of women’s safety. The government may have taken a stand then but I don’t think it has been a concrete one. No strong message has been sent out to society. It hasn’t deterred the criminals. There are hundreds of other, similar cases. Isn’t it ironic that the Uber driver had the audacity to threaten me by saying he would use an iron rod on me? Instead of being deterred, this man actually used the December 16 gangrape to scare and assault a woman.

I pray for justice, stringent punishment for the accused, action against Uber. If no action is taken this time, we have failed as a society, as a government, as a system, as a country and as human beings. A clear and strong message needs to go out. Yet, I also appreciate Delhi Police. They were humble in their behaviour and efficient in finding the culprit. In fact, I wanted to give them a reward, but they did not accept it. The senior officers just said that I could treat the entire investigation team to a cup of coffee, instead.

Now, looking ahead, there’s the question of managing society and my career. Some people in my neighbourhood have already started raising questions about my dignity. I have stopped going out alone and I am facing immense difficulty in coping with the pressure. For instance, a friend of my mother called her after an incorrect newspaper report, asking why we had filed a case. She told my mother, ‘Badnaami hogi (You will get a bad name)’. My mother replied, ‘Badnaami uski hogi jisne yeh kaam kiya hai, meri nahin (The people who will get a bad name are those that did this, not me)’. She said she was proud of me for reporting the incident.

Some of my colleagues, who claimed to be friends, would message me, saying how I could “shut” my eyes to “reality” and “not face the world.” Later, some friends took me out to make me feel better. I realised that those who stood by me in this testing time were my real friends. Now, I have started working again. My office has been very supportive. My seniors are in regular touch with me and are tracking my progress. They have also provided me with counsellors to help me feel better.

It’s not just my colleagues and seniors, others have shown sensitivity too. After the incident, I attended a wedding where no one asked me about it. So now, after what has happened to me, if someone does not have a brother or a husband or a male guardian to tag along, does a girl stop going out? Do you want her to sit at home?

We have the right to go out, too, and work peacefully. I have visited other countries with my parents and never felt unsafe. In fact, travelling is my passion. But I have realised now that this city is unsafe. I cannot go out alone. I will think twice before going out alone. For me to feel safe again here, the most important thing is to have cabs driven by women drivers. More patrolling and increased police presence also help women feel safe. When a girl is travelling in a cab, the vehicle should be properly checked and details of drivers must be thoroughly inspected. If Uber had been diligent enough, this incident would never have happened.

Also, the public needs to be sensitised. People usually tend to avoid instances where they feel they will get embroiled in police and court cases. That mentality must be done away with. I also believe that more opportunities must be given to women if such incidents are to be curbed. India is a male-dominated society, and men will not be able to take women for granted if there are equal opportunities. Education, too, plays a very important role in how we shape our young minds.

As for the new generation, people of my own age, I want to say this: Speak up, see something, say something. Don’t be quiet.


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Two terrorists held, police probe terror links

2 suspected terrorists involved in Burdwan blast held in Delhi-Noida border

Abdul Aziz


Two terrorists have been nabbed in Noida. According to reports both the anti-nationals were held on December 19. While one of the terrorists is said to be a Bangladeshi national, another is from Uttar Pradesh.

In the wake of more more terrorists hiding in Delhi, NCR regions, the police are carrying out searches in Delhi, Noida.

The operation was executed jointly by Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal ATS teams and the IB. However, the West Bengal Police has taken the custody of the two terror suspects.
Two terrorists have been nabbed in Noida. One of the terrorist is said to be a Bangladeshi national.
NIA sources have said that more than 50 terror modules are operating from West Bengal.

The NIA had visited West Bengal in October and had given the list of terrorists. The arrested terrorists were being grilled by the RAW and the IB. During interrogation, their laptop has revealed a plot to bomb many cities in India. Meanwhile, the Home Ministry has ordered quick response teams be kept on standby.

More details are awaited.


Dec 1, 2014

Non-Subsidised LPG Rate Cut By Rs 113

Non-subsidised LPG rate cut by Rs 113, jet fuel prices by 4.1%

Price of non-subsidised cooking gas (LPG) was on Monday cut by a steep Rs 113 per cylinder and that of jet fuel (ATF) by 4.1% as international oil rates slumped to multi-year lows. A 14.2-kg cylinder of non-subsidised LPG will now cost Rs 752, down from Rs 865 previously, in Delhi, oil companies announced on .This is the fifth straight reduction in rates of non-subsidised or market priced LPG, which the customers buy after exhausting their quota of 12 cylinders at subsidised rates, since August. In five monthly reduction, non-domestic LPG rates have been slashed by Rs 170.5 per cylinder, bringing the price at three-year lows.

On similar lines, the price of aviation turbine fuel (ATF), or jet fuel, at Delhi was cut by Rs 2,594.93 per kilolitre, or 4.1%, to Rs 59,943 per kl. This is the fifth straight monthly reduction in rates. This reduction follows a steep 7.3 % or Rs 4,987.7 per kl, cut in prices on November 1. Since August, ATF prices have been cut by 14.5 per cent or Rs 10,218.76 per kl and rates have dipped below Rs 60,000 per kl level for the first time in three years.

Brent, the benchmark grade for more than half of the world's oil, have dropped to USD 68.34 a barrel, the lowest level since October 2009. Prices declined 18% last month and are 38% lower in 2014. In Mumbai, jet fuel will cost Rs 61,695 per kl from today as against Rs 64,414.98 per kl previously. The rates vary because of differences in local sales tax or VAT.