Aug 20, 2010

Michael Jackson’s parents splitting 60 years of marriage

MJ’s parents to split
Michael Jackson’s parents, mum Katherine and dad Joe, are apparently splitting up after more than 60 years of marriage.

Katherine, 80, has filed for divorce after cruel Joe, who abused Jacko as a child, blamed his wife for the death of their son in an interview. Speaking about the months leading up to the Michael Jackson''s death, outspoken Joe, 81, said of his wife: “I begged her to go over and stay with him, but she insisted he needed his privacy.”

The betrayal is said to be the last straw for Katherine, who won sole custody of Jackson’s children Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 12, and “Blanket”, eight, following the singer’s shock death last June at the age of 50.

“After 60 years, she’s had enough. She’s been humiliated by him for too long,” the Daily Star quoted a long time family friend as saying. Speaking about Joe’s latest interview, the friend added: “She’s absolutely livid. This time there’s no going back.”

Until now Katherine has refused to consider divorce because “as a Jehovah’s Witness, she believes that a marriage is for ever,” said the insider.